1) electronics counter and value counter 
2) to be with 2 speeds (800pcs/min, 1200pcs/min) 
3) to be big LCD display 

Features &Functions:

1) to count any bills freely
2) To count bills in adding
3) To count bills in batch
4) To check Indian fake bill and fake bill by UV, MG, MT&IR
5) To check out different denomination Indian bill, when the counting bill value is different from the first bill.
6) To sum the total amount of Indian bills
7) To check half notes, broken notes,and chain notes automatically
8) To start and stop automatically
9) To be with 2 counting speeds (800pcs/min, 1200pcs/min) 


Product size                     330×320×293mm
Counting speed                 800pcs/minute, 1200pcs/min.
Power consumption           ≤80W
Power source                   AC 220V±10% ,50Hz±5%  
Continuous working time    >8 hours
Work temperature              <20°C
Noise                               <60dB
Counting bill size length     110-185mm,wide:50-85mm
Hopper/Stacker capacity    300pcs/300pcs
Counting range                  1-999999 (6digits)
Batch range                      1-9999 (4digits)
Product  Net weight           8kgs